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I turned 35 a couple of days ago. Instead of celebrating just one day I have decided to extend my birthday celebration for 35 days. I’m not talking about presents and parties but rather a quiet inner celebration. Iv’e come a long way over the last 35 years and I am quite proud of my accomplishments. As silly as this may sound, I finally feel like an adult.


Building a Better Mouse Trap or Body

It has been two years since I gave birth to Amelie. The process of getting my body back has been long and hard with lots of backsliding. As I look in the mirror I am beginning to see the body of the woman I was before, I smile at this because the process has been soooooo slow. I still have some work to do but I am happy with the sexy woman that now stares back at me. Ok, with that said I am off to go work out!!!

Weddings and Friends and Sushi Oh My!!!!

This last weekend was busy but enjoyable. My co-worker Lucien got married on saturday, the ceremony was beautiful. That night we met up with Christos and Jenny for Sushi. Jenny is great and It has been a long time since I have seen Christos this happy, cheers to the both of ya!!! Oh yeah, I also worked on saturday and sunday!!!!!

Other Peoples Children

The kids spent the afternoon with grandma and Warren and I had an enjoyable lunch together. We went to the Hungry Hunter because we were craving steak and didn't want to venture into the city. Lunch was great and I enjoyed the time alone with Warren. There was a large group o people and their many children having lunch at the same time. This would have been just fine had they not allowed them to run through the restaurant yelling and screaming, and chasing each other around the tables!!!! I am all for letting kids be kids but there comes a point when as parents we are responsible for teaching our children how to behave in various social situations, and when they misbehave (i hate that word, but oh well) we need to step in and just say no!!!! Not one adult told any of the little rugrats to just sit down. We need a license to drive, there should be a license and a test for having children. 

Happy Camp Here We Come

We will be heading up to Happy Camp CA next month for our family vacation. We will visit my father-in-law, do some kyaking, a little camping, and lots of relaxing. This will be Amelie's first camping trip; I'm debating whether or not to bring the puter so that I can upload pics as we go.

This will be a much needed vacation for all of us. 

Dela Turns 8

Dela will be celebrating her 8th birthday soon. She is so beautiful and down to earth. I am proud and thankful to be her mom. At her request we will be having a bowling party to celebrate. Normally I would be stressed and running around like a mad woman trying to coordinate all of the details but this year I am having fun, and I think Dela is too. I notice that when I run around stressing about every little thing the kids tend to stress as well. This year is all about Dela, if she has a good time then I will consider mission acomplished.

Two Turn Tables and a Microphone

Ok so I don't really have two turn tables and a microphone. In fact I don't even have one turn table. But I do have Henry Miller Recalls and Reflects, on vinyl. I also have my moms old vinyl collection that is just sitting there collecting dust. Time to get get with the 21st century and convert my old records into cd's. I still want a turn table!!!!!