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We saw the movie 300 tonight and I was more than impressed. Oh, did I mention that we saw it on the Imax screen? Spartan men in leather speedos wielding swords, I have died and gone to heaven! But seriously, this movie is one of the best epics that I have seen lately. There was a lot of blood and a few be-headings but other than that it is a fine movie for the kids. NOT!!!!! Find a sitter this movie is not for kids or those that are week kneed. I can’t wait until this movie comes out on DVD. Another trip to see it on the Imax screen may be necessary.


Kiss of the Dragon

We are watching a movie called Kiss of the Dragon. All I can say is that Jet Li is the man!!!!!!!! This movie didn't get great reviews but it has some excellent fight scenes. The movie is actually based on a story by Jet Li.