Something in the Air

Fall is my favorite time of year and it is fast approaching. Fall reminds me of dirty martini’s and warm San Francisco nights.


Building a Better Mouse Trap or Body

It has been two years since I gave birth to Amelie. The process of getting my body back has been long and hard with lots of backsliding. As I look in the mirror I am beginning to see the body of the woman I was before, I smile at this because the process has been soooooo slow. I still have some work to do but I am happy with the sexy woman that now stares back at me. Ok, with that said I am off to go work out!!!

Standing in the Shadow of Reality

I will celebrate my 35th birthday next week. I don’t dred or fear getting older, in fact I look forward to every year I get to spend above ground. For me 35 is a very signifigant milestone, one that I have been looking forward to, I feel that I am baked to perfection.
I don’t feel that I need to explain myself to anyone for anything that I do. I find that I am aware of what people may think of me but I really don’t care. I no longer waste my time with shallow people or empty friendships. I am very selective about who I allow into my life and the friends that I have now are genuine and real.

I’m not planning a huge event to celebrate, but since this is such a signifigant milestone for me I plan to celebrate the whole month of september.

Birthday Girl


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Amelie celebrated her 2nd birthday last week. We had a small party at home. Since turning 2 she has been putting sentences together and becoming more and more independant. They grow so fast!!!!!!!!


I don’t understand people who feel that the only way to succeed in life is to have their lips permanently planted on someone else’s ass. Everyone has a person like this in their lives, a coworker, family member, etc….. Since I am incredibly selective about who I allow into my life, the only place that I am forced to encounter this type of person is at work. 97% of my coworkers are stellar however there is always that one or three special ones that are not talented enough to make it through life on their own merits. These are the ones who run around with their noses firmly planted in someone else’s ass or their own. These are the people that look around and wonder where all of their friends are. Well I can only guess that they ran away before these social vampires could suck the life out of them.

Good News

I am very happy to report that Amelie’s kidneys are almost 100% normal. According to the doctors at her appointment yesterday, her kidneys are returning to a normal size and she should outgrow the condition. She is to have one more test around this time next year just to follow up and make sure everything is going as it should. As we were leaving the doctors office yesterday I began to reflect on my family and my life and I realize that I have alot to be thankful for. Don’t worry I’m not going to melt into a puddle of sentimental goo here. I just began thinking about the things in my life that are truley important.


Amelie is due for another ultrasound to check her kidneys. She has not had any problems thus far and we are remaining optimistic. The ultrasound tomorrow will determine how we will proceed. Amelie will be celebrating her 2nd birthday next week. It’s amazing how fast they all seem to grow!!!!! They are all so happy and healthy it’s hard to believe that the little one may have kidney trouble, though it hasn’t slowed her down at all.